Iridium 9505A Docking Station-MC03
2158.79 $
Applied Satellite Engineering’s ASE MC03 Iridium 9505A Docking Station is designed for the Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone and is an outgrowth of one of ASE’s very first products. Rugged and reliable, this is a standard in maritime operations and is seen in use by many organizations continuing to use the 9505A phone for its powerful features, including some models with encryption/secure sleeve.
Iridium 9505A Docking Station-MC03-Military Style & DOD Version
2518.79 $
The ASE- Military or DOD Version Docking Station for the 9505A Iridium satellite phone is the best solution to use your 9505A satellite phone indoors and outdoors. Just dock your Iridium phone to the docking station and have access to satellite communications from inside the office, vehicle, or vessel. If you only need the satellite phone, just un-dock your handset and take it with you.