Iridium 9523 Core
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Iridium 9523 Core

The Iridium 9523 Core product is the perfect choice for businesses, travelers, and mariners looking for reliable, global satellite communications. With its secure, high-bandwidth data transfer and global coverage, the Iridium 9523 Core offers everything from voice and text capability to low-latency broadband access. It's low-cost, easy to use, and engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, and vibration. Get connected wherever you are with the robust and durable Iridium 9523 Core.

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995 $ net price (non-EU countries)

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.


This voice and data module is the "brains" of the Iridium Extreme satellite phone. The Iridium Core 9523 is a sophisticated and flexible device packaged into a small and cost-effective platform for partners to develop new Iridium-based handheld solutions. Iridium is licensing this core technology to innovators who require the building blocks to develop their own Iridium-based global voice and data communication devices and solutions. A number of our partners are already developing products and services surrounding the Iridium Core 9523.

Iridium Core 9523

The Iridium Extreme is the most advanced, most rugged satellite handset on the market, with the ability to locate users anywhere on the surface of the planet, precisely. It is more than a satellite phone – it provides customers one solution in hand for voice, data, GPS, SOS, tracking and SMS, enabling them to make the connections that matter, under the harshest conditions from the furthest reaches of the planet.
It is the toughest global satellite phone on the market. Iridium Extreme is also lighter, smaller and holds a longer charge than the Iridium 9555, the current gold-standard in satellite phones.

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